02 Design Studio offers high quality graphic design, web design, multimedia, and 3d visualization services and it is based in North Macedonia.

By always following the latest design trends, 02 DS offers you modern and unique designs.
Each project is special and a challenge for us at the same time. Therefore, we put a great deal of time and energy into making every project as best as possible.
Our employees are always punctual – no deadlines crossed!
The clients are our first and only priority. Your positive feedback is the best reward we can get!
Our goal is to create a design that will be unique, conspicuous and performs it’s function fully.



Choose from the best services created for your taste!

Carefully selected colors, fonts, combination of photographs and illustrations are creating the story that sends a successful, unique and clear message. Our strongest side is the field of graphic design – area where we spend most of our time, effort and development, trying to offer you only the best.

Following the latest trends, innovations and tools, we create a story which is unique, thorough and packed into online presentation called web-site. Your website is a mirror of yourself (your business). Your website is a mirror of your business. That is why we offer our creativity.

Using the latest tools and our creativity, we can perfectly design your future unique products. We can also re-design your existing products. Using the sketches, illustrations and 3D graphics, we create all the necessary specifications for making your product as best as possible.

Nowadays, not everyone with a DSLR camera or a smart phone can be named a photographer. That is why in our portfolio we placed the following services,
which are crafted by higher standards: professional photography, post – production, video production and video editing.

In the last few years, social media has been the prime way of promotion and building a marketing plan for a company. We know how to achieve a positive effect of promotion and increased exposure of your business. Our goal is to make a strong and loyal connection between your company and your customers. Let us help you in creating a great success for your company!





Our precise formed principles of work always result in success. Allow us to successfully create your project using the following principles.

1. Strategy | Brief, analyze & research.

We begin by understanding the problem. By making analyses and researches, we use different methods for each project. Also, we get additional information from you (logo, texts, photographs etc) if is necessary.

2. Creative Concept | Ideas, drafts, designs.

We make a creative concept ranging from initial sketches and ilustrations up until the final creative. Depending of the project you may get few ideal solutions.

3. Consultations | Discussions, critiques & corrections.

Detail analysis of all ideal solutions. We discuss with you the creative solutions which are offered to you, as well as their selection. We offer additional corrections if is necessary.

4. Execute | Final design, print-ready, handover.

Finalization of the chosen materials and ideas. After you choose the ideal creative solution we will send you the files. If you need the working files for additional usage we will send them to you as well. Please feel free to contact us for any additional help regarding your project.



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